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November 22, 2017
Euro page with my Euro collection and much information about (commemorative) Euro coins
Source: All information on my personal Euro pages is obtained from the site of 'De Nederlandse Bank' or the Euro site of the E.U.
Introduction to the Euro. Since January 1, 2002 the Euro is the official currency in the so called Euro zone of the European Community. All EC countries, except Sweden Denmark and the U.K. more
My Euro collection
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Overview of Euro Coins in my Collection
Euro coins I like to add to my collection
Euro details Common details of all Euro Coins and Banknotes
2 Euro edge inscription On all 2 Euro coins are country dependend edge inscriptions. Sometimes the edge inscription on commemorative coins is different from the regular 2 Euro coin
Euro zone. Here you can find a map of the Euro zone. By clicking on one of the countries you can seen the national side of Euro coins from that country and a description of the pictures.
Future Euro zone. Here you can find a map of the future Euro zone.
The 2 Euro commemorative coins sorted by country

The 2 Euro commemorative coins sorted by year
Most countries are using the opportunity to issue Euro commemorative coins besides the standard circulation coins. Most of these commemoratives are only legal tender in the country of origin. The 2 Euro coins however are legal tender in the complete Euro zone. In 2012 was decided that each country in the Eurozone is allowed to issue a 2 Euro commemorative twice a year.
The 2 Euro commemorative coins overview Here you'll find an overview of all 2 Euro commemoratives.
The Dutch Euro commemoratives. Besides the 2 Euro commemoratives, the Netherlands also issues for the occasion of national interest a silver or silver plated 5 Euro coin. For occasions related to the Dutch Royal Family a silver 10 Euro coin can be issued. Both the 5 Euro and 10 Euro commemorative coins are only legal tender in the Netherlands.
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