Although there are a lot of names of "unreliable" Collectors on the Internet and there are various sites were you can find blacklists, I myself have up to now no bad experience with swapping coins via the Internet. On the contrary, in one of the blacklists was the name of a Collector with whom I made a good deal, and his name is therefor removed from the list after my request.

I don't mean to say that it doesn't happen. There are no doubt people who will take advantage of the situation and will not return coins. However one should also take into consideration the delay the mail can have in some Countries before someone is marked as "unreliable". I myself did send some Coins to the Philippines which arrived only after four Month. It can also happen that Coins get lost in the mail, but I think that both Collectors should then be able to come to an agreement to replace the missing Coins.

It's everybody right to warn other Collectors if you have had a bad experience. However until I had such an experience myself, I will not make a blacklist on my site until I have had a bad experience my self. But on some of the sites I'm referring to in my site list, you can find blacklists. I myself don't think its wise to make a deal with a Collector from one of the blacklists. Forewarned is forearmed!!

Underneath are a number of links to specific blacklist pages but keep in mind that I'm not responsible for the content of these lists and I just want to share the information on these pages.

Vasily Valsilenko's blacklist

Vincenzo de Rosa's blacklist