I collect circulation coins from all over the World and started this hobby seriously in the late 1970's. I collect coins by type and not by Year, except for coins from the Netherlands. I also collect Banknotes but coins are my primary collection. At the moment I have over 7300 coins from more then 230 different Countries and former Countries, over 600 Banknotes and more then 100 coinsets. You can find an overview of the Countries from which I have coins on my Country list.

Since a few month I also started to collect occasional money, machine tokens, notgeld, etc. I now have over 200 different types. You can find more information and a part of my collection on my tokenpage.

I have quiet a number of duplicate coins and Banknotes and discovered the Internet as a medium to get in touch with collectors in other parts of the World. Since then, I have successfully swapped coins with more then 100 different collectors from all over the World. On my page with collectors you'll find their names sorted by continent and country. When you click on a name you find the details of the deal made with that collector and his/hers email address.

I also tried to make some lists with other Websites which are interesting for Coin collectors. If you have a suggestion about a site which can be added to one of these lists please let me know by email. I'll have a look at the site and will add it, if it is interesting enough for other collectors.

All coins in my trade list are circulation coins and numbered according to the Krause Catalog. The Banknotes are also from circulation and there for used. Some of them are even well used and look that way, but they are not damaged or torn.

If you are interested in swapping coins with me and you find some in my trade lists, just send me an email and a list of coins you have to offer. I prefer to trade my Banknotes against coins, but trading against other Banknotes is also possible of course. I'm not interested in buying or selling coins or Banknotes, only trading!

Please do have a look at my various page. Here you'll find various subjects related to coins and Banknotes, but also a list with coins I'm looking for and a list with Countries from which I've coins in my collection. If you have any coins from my Wishlist, or coins from Countries that are not in my collection, I'm certainly interested in swapping coins with you.

On this page you'll also find a link to a page with an explanation about the various era's used to date coins.

If you have visited my website and have any remarks or suggestions with reference to my website, I would appreciate it if you took the time to send me an email.

I would also appriciate a message in my guestbook to let me know what you think about my website or if you want to swap coins or banknotes.